Hot Water Cylinders

27 Aug

You may be considering installing new, or changing an existing system to provide mains pressure hot water at your taps. This may be an ideal choice for you, but before you make your decision understand how these systems work and consider all the facts.

Any system providing a mains pressure supply is only as good as the supply entering the property. A product may boast for example – 35 litres per minute flow rate at 3 bar pressure – but if the supply to your property is inadequate and can only muster say 15 litres at 1 bar, this is all you will achieve. Figures quoted against products are indicative of their potential based on an adequate supply.

In general, a mains pressure system comprises a means of heating water taken directly from the incoming water main prior to delivery to your tap. There are several ways to do this and many different manufacturers interpretations on product design.


Vented Hot Water Cylinders

We can also supply and install Vented Hot Water Cylinders.

All our engineers are qualified to work on vented and unvented cylinders.

Call us on 01788 543417 today and our dedicated and specialist team of customer service staff will be on hand to help you with all of your enquiries regarding vented and un-vented cylinders.

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