Lead Work and Guttering Repairs



Plumber the Latin word for “WORKER OF LEAD” is something that we are able to do as one of our many talents, such as lead work and guttering repairs including box gutters, lead flashing, lead dressing, step flashing and many more.

Such tasks are carried out by true plumbers in the sense of the word ‘plumber’. Due to the specialised nature of the work not all plumbers are able to do this work.

Adroit Services provide professional lead guttering, lead flashing, lead dressing, step flashing and much more. All our trained plumbers will install guttering and down pipes, as well as step flashing and repairs around old chimneys. We aim to ensure that your roof is fully repaired, maintained and cleaned. Whether it’s installing a new gutter system or repairing any damage, we have the knowledge and experience to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.