Power Flushing

Power Flushing


Is your system slow to warm up?

Are some radiators completely or partially cold?

Do your radiators need bleeding frequently?

Are your radiators noisy?

Is radiator water dirty and discoloured?

Over time, central heating pipes and radiators become clogged by deposits from the hot water surging through your system. So, if you feel you aren’t getting the best out of your radiators any more, call us and we’ll carry out a procedure called Power Flushing. When we Power Flush your central heating system, we feed a cleaning agent through your central heating systems that rinses away the impurities that have built up inside the pipes and radiators. You won’t believe the difference it makes to how quickly your radiators heat up afterwards.




Adroit Services uses Kamco Power Flushing equipment and our engineers have attended Kamco’s Training centre – www.kamco.co.uk.

Once you have had your system power flushed we would recommend you have a Magna Clean Filter installed to help :

  • Provides on going boiler maintenance
  • Improves and maintains central heating efficiency
  • Reduces iron deposit blockages in the central heating system
  • Helps avoid breakdowns and extends the life of your boiler and components


To book an appointment contact the office on 01788 543417.